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Importance of Pool Safety This article covers the importance of Pool Safety.  From the 1st December 2010, all swimming pools on regulated land in Queensland are required, at the time of sale or lease of their property, to have a pool safety inspection conducted by licensed pool safety inspector.   Furthermore, ... Read More
March 21, 2017admin


Brisbane Pool Legislation Since the November 30th deadline, the onus is now on all pool owners in Brisbane to obtain Pool Fence Inspections and repairs to ensure their pool fence meets the legislative requirements. Each and every backyard pool and spa in Brisbane, and Queensland needs to have a compliant fence. ... Read More
August 16, 2016admin


Purchasing a property with a pool or spa in Brisbane About the Pre-Purchase of your Pool Fence Inspection Pre-Purchase your Pool Fence Inspection, If you are looking a purchasing a property with a backyard pool or spa in Brisbane.  You will be either issued with a Form 23 – Pool Safety Certificate ... Read More
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